That's it

Ya/eso es todo

Don't worry

No te preocupes

Nice to meet yo

Un placer conocerte

Do you have enough money

Tienes bastante dinero

I'm leaving Tomorrow

Me voy manana

Your daughter

Tu hija

I need to go home

Necesito ir a casa

Who's that man over there

Quien es ese hombre de alli

Which is the best

Cual es el mejor

Why are you laughing

Por que te estas riendo



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Participles Used As Adjectives Nº1

Choose the correct word:

1. The movie was really __________________ ( interested/interesting)!
2. I thought it was a good lecture, but I wasn't very __________________
3. Our town is so __________________ (bored/boring)! There is nothing to do here.
4. Are you __________________ (bored/boring) with that game already?
5. Have you heard her laugh? It's so __________________ (annoyed/annoying).
6. I'm really __________________ (annoyed/annoying) with one of my coworkers.
7. The city was __________________ (damaged/damaging) during the storm.
8. The information was quite ________________ (damaged/damaging) to his
9. I was __________________ (amusing/amused) by the way she acted.
10. Do you find this type of humor __________________(amusing/amused)?

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