Who sent this letter

Quien te mando' esta carta

I'm not afraid

No tengo miedo

11 dollars

Once dolares

October 22nd

El ventidos de Octubre

Where did you put it

Donde lo has metido

Where can I exchange U.S. dollars

Donde puedo cambiar para dolares americanos

Can I make an appointment for next Wednesday

Puedo tener un apuntamento para el miercoles que viene

Does this road go to New York

Esta carretara va a New York

How many people do you have in your family

Cuantas personas hay en tu familia

That's fair

Eso es justo



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Participles Used As Adjectives Nº2

Choose the correct word:

1. This treatment is really great. It makes me feel so __________________
2. I didn't like that movie. I thought it was too __________________
3. He wasn't __________________ (satisfied/satisfying) with my response.
4. What an __________________ (embarrassed/embarrassing) situation!
5. I can't talk anymore because I'm really __________________ (tired/tiring).
6. My grandmother's ankles were __________________ (swelled/swollen) from walking
7. Most of the fans were __________________ (disappointing/disappointed) with the
8. This is ________________ (excited/exciting) news!
9. His explanation wasn't very __________________ (convinced/convincing).
10. The woman worked for 15 hours straight. She was __________________

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