What's the address

Cual es la direccion

Do you accept U.S. Dollars

Acceptas dolares americanos

When will it be ready

Cuando estara' listo

What are you going to have

Que vas a tomar

Do you have any children

Tienes hijos

Will you call me a taxi please

Puedes pedir un taxi para mi por favor

11 dollars

Once dolares

At 3 o'clock

A las tres en punta

The cars are American

Los coches son Americanos

I still have to brush my teeth and take a shower

Todavia tengo que cepillar mis dientes y tomar una ducha



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Phrasal Verbs Nº1

Fill in the proper preposition for each phrasal verb:

1. You gained some weight = You put ______ a few pounds.
2. Don't tell anyone about it = Keep it ______ yourself.
3. Have you been in contact with Sarah? = Have you heard ______ Sarah?
4. I've been spending time with her = I've been hanging ______ with her.
5. Please take care of my little sister = Please look ______ my little sister.
6. He disappointed me = He let me ______.
7. You can trust me = You can count ______ me.
8. We often eat in restaurants = We often eat ______.
9. I can't understand why you would say that = I can't figure ______ why
10. He is planning something = He is up ______ something.

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