What's your religion

Cual es tu religion

When do we arrive

Cuando vamos a llegar

I haven't had lunch yet

Todavia no he comido (almuerzo)

Where were you

Donde estabas

Sorry, I don't have a pencil

Perdona, no tengo un lapiz

Would you like something to eat

Quieres/Querrias algo de comer

Is there a movie theater nearby

Hay un cinema cerca de aqui

How much money do you have

Cuanto dinero tienes

I'm an American

Soy un Americano

Sorry, we don't have any vacancies

Perdona, no tenemos ningun sitio libre



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Phrasal Verbs Nº2

Fill in the proper preposition for each phrasal verb:

1. It's not polite to come ___________ ( = enter) without knocking.
2. I told her a joke to cheer her ___________. (= to make her happier).
3. Please write ___________ your email address.
4. You can count ___________ me.
5. I look ___________ to seeing you soon.
6. Don't hang ___________ the phone.
7. I woke ___________ at 7.
8. We have to get ___________ at the next stop.
9. The frog turned ___________ ( = became) a prince.
10. I'm sorry it didn't work ___________ . (= it wasn't successful)

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