Take me downtown

Llevame al centro (ciudad)

Good Luck

Buena suerte

What's your religion

Cual es tu religion

When are they coming

Cuando vienen

Who's that man over there

Quien es ese hombre de alli

Can you repeat that please

Puedes repetir eso por favor

I'd like to use the interne

Me gustaria usar el internet

What time are you going to the bus station

A que hora vas a ir a la estacion de autobuses

Sorry, I didn't hear clearly

Perdona, no te he oido bien

We have two boys and one girl

Tenemos dos ninos y una nina



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Possessive Pronoun Or Possessive Adjective Nº1

Choose whether each sentence requires a possessive adjective or a possessive pronoun: EX: That book is not his. It's mine. (possessive pronoun) OR That's my book. (possessive adjective)

1. She's not his friend, she's _______________________ (my/mine).
2. Robert didn't drink his own coffee. He drank _______________________ (her/hers).
3. That is one of _______________________ (hers/her) friends.
4. His neighborhood is safe, while _______________________ (my/mine) neighborhood
5. His neighborhood is safe, while _______________________ (my/mine) isn't.
6. Did _______________________ (your/yours) mother call?
7. I don't know _______________________ (them/their) very well.
8. I don't know _______________________ (them/their) daughter very well.
9. I talked to _______________________ (my/me) grandmother for three hours last night.
10. I think I got my notes mixed up with _______________________ (your/yours).

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