I think you have too many clothes

Pienso que tienes demasiada ropa


Por favor

I'm tired

Estoy cansado

I have to wash my clothes

Tengo que lavar mi ropa



Do you accept U.S. Dollars

Acceptas dolares americanos

Is it suppose to rain tomorrow

Se supone que va a llover manana

Have you been waiting long

Has estado esperando mucho tiempo

Where is my shirt

Donde esta mi camiseta

Can I access the Internet here

Puedo usar el internet aqui



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Prepositions Nº2

For each sentence, fill in the blank with either on, at or in.

1. I didn't like Tom when I met him, but _____ time we became friends.
2. Do it right away! = Do it _____ once!
3. We bought these clothes _____ sale.
4. There are lots of handsome men _____ the navy.
5. Hey didn't I see you _____ Julie's party?
6. I usually don't work _____ weekends.
7. I know you're my friend, but _____ times you behave like you weren't.
8. She has everything under control. = She is _____ top of things.
9. There was a fire _____ one of the empty apartments.
10. I have very bad vision, especially _____ night.

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