Do you know how to get to the Marriott Hotel

Sabes como llegar al Marriott Hotel

I thought the clothes were cheaper

Pensaba que la ropa era mas barata

How much does this cost

Cuanto questa esto

I forget

No me acuerdo

It's shorter than 3 miles

Es menos de tres millas

Is everything ok

Todo esta bien

What is the area code

Cual es el prefijo

Excuse me, what did you say

Perdona, que has dicho

Where are you from

De donde eres

Take me to the Marriott Hotel

Llevame al Marriott Hotel



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Possessive Pronouns Nº1

Write the correct possessive pronoun for each sentence: Example: That motorcycle belongs to me. That motorcycle is mine.

1. That book belongs to them. That book is _____________________.
2. That pen belongs to me. That pen is _____________________.
3. This dog belongs to us. This dog is _____________________.
4. This car belongs to him. This car is_____________________ .
5. This house belongs to me and my brother. This house is _____________________.
6. That motorcycle belongs to that man. That motorcycle is _____________________.
7. These books belong to those students. These books are _____________________.
8. This hat belongs to you. This hat is _____________________.
9. This cat belongs to my aunt. This cat is _____________________.
10. This ball belongs to those boys. This ball is _____________________.

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