He likes it very much

Le gusta mucho

How many people

Cuantas personas

I need to go home

Necesito ir a casa

Let's share

Vamos a compartir

Turn around

Date la vuelta

Are you hungry

Tienes hambre

I've worked there for five years

He trabajado alli por cinco anos

October 22nd

El ventidos de Octubre

Can you do me a favor

Me puedes hacer un favor

What time did you get up

A que hora te levantaste



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Adjectives: Relative Adjectives (who, That)

Complete each relative clause with who or that. If both who or that can be used, write "who or that"

1. That's the man __________________ stole my purse!
2. That's the jacket __________________ I want to buy.
3. That's the girl __________________ won the race.
4. The students __________________ do well on the exam will be allowed to leave early.
5. We saw the cat __________________ lives in the house next door.
6. The airport__________________ is being built will be the largest in the country.
7. The woman __________________sang that song is very beautiful.
8. People __________________use this site will learn English very quickly.
9. The computer __________________ I want to buy costs $1,000.
10. The dinner __________________ your mother prepared was delicious.

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