I don't like it

No me gusta

That way

De esa manera

It's north of here

Esta al norte de aqui

Who are you

Quien eres

Don't worry

No te preocupes

When will it be ready

Cuando estara' listo

When are you moving

Cuando te vas a mudar

Are you afraid

Tienes miedo



I like Italian food

Me gusta la comida italiana



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Comparative And Superlative Adverbs

Fill in the blank with the either the comparative form or superlative form of each adverb, as required: Example: Michael sang more loudly (more loudly/the most loudly) than the other kids.

1. I visit my parents ___________________ (more often/the most often) than my brothers
2. He thinks he always knows ___________________. (better/best)
3. Out of all my siblings, I visit my parents ___________________. (more often/the most
4. David did ___________________ (worse/the worst) than he thought he would do on his
5. I did ___________________ (worse/the worst) out of all the students on my test.
6. Out of all the students, Frank studied ___________________ (less/the least), but got
7. We argued ___________________ (longer/the longest) than I thought we would.
8. My brother laughed ___________________ (louder/the loudest) out of the whole
9. The two guys who enjoyed the game ___________________ (more/most) were Tom and
10. George drives ___________________ (more recklessly/the most recklessly) than his

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