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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

The Active Causative Form In English

Fill in the blanks to complete each Active causative form sentence, explaining how you arranged everything. EX: John sent the letter. --> I had Jim send the letter.

1. Tina washed the dishes. --> I had Tina ____________________ the dishes.
2. Robert told us what happened. --> I had Robert ____________________ us what
3. Paula sat next to George. --> I had Paula ____________________ next to George.
4. My mother prepared the appetizers. --> I had my mom ____________________ the
5. My brother brought the chairs from the living room. --> I had my brother
6. Steve bought some more soft drinks. --> I had Steve ____________________ some
7. Kathy closed the window. --> I had Kathy ____________________ the window.
8. My sister gave everyone a piece of cake. --> I had my sister ____________________
9. Peter asked Steve about his new house. --> I had Peter ____________________ Steve
10. Frank drove everyone home. --> I had Frank ____________________ everyone home.

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