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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

The Passive Causative Form In English

Write the correct response, changing the simple past sentences into passive causative form sentences: EX: John sent the letter. --> Jim had the letter sent by John.

1. My mother changed the curtains. --> My mom had the curtains ____________________.
2. Thomas washed the car. --> Thomas had the car ____________________.
3. Maria redesigned the web site. --> Maria had the web site ____________________.
4. Kelly took Mr. Brown to the beach. --> Kelly had Mr. Brown ____________________ to
5. John brought the cat to the vet. --> John had the cat ____________________ to the
6. Jane put the vase on the table. --> Jane had the vase ____________________ on the
7. We drove Mr. Jones to the airport. --> We had Mr. Jones____________________ to the
8. We fed the dog. --> We had the dog ____________________.
9. We gave the money to the homeless shelter. --> We had the money to the homeless
10. Thomas cut his hair. --> Thomas had his hair____________________ .

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